Sean Stankowski



Evolutionary Genomics & The Origin of Species

Welcome! I am a research scientists who is broadly interested in evolution but I focus mainly on understanding the process of speciation. This website gives a broad overview of my research activities and interest, as well as some information about me. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch!


ESEB satellite symposium announced!

Happy to announce an ESEB symposium aimed at :"Understanding Reproductive Isolation: Bridging Conceptual Barriers in Speciation Research". More information is available on the ESEB website.

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New paper: Defining the speciation continuum

Mark Ravinet and have a new paper out in Evolution, aimed at understanding the meaning and value of this widely used concept in speciation research. Download the full text here!

Rui Faria, Kerstin Johannesson and Myself are happy to announce the publication of special issue focused on understanding speciation in marine environments! Thanks to everyone that contributed. You can read our general thoughts on the research that is needed to advance understanding here.

Special issue out in JEB